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Meet Some of The Fleet



Not every travel need is the same.

Just like choosing the right vehicle, weather an

SUV, sedan, or truck, we select the right vehicle  for the job. 


Why not do the same for AIR TRAVEL?

You now have the option of choosing the right aircraft for each mission!


Let our expert partners discuss your needs with you.

They will help provide you with the best options.

Experience new Freedom in Air Travel with

FAA approved, dry-lease programs!


Total Control


As a dry lease customer, we provide you with aircraft access.  An FAA approved dry-lease is paralleled to an ownership experience where you determine all factors of the flight.  

You are the authority! 

You are in operational control of

When the flight takes place,

Where the aircraft takes you

and Who your Pilot will be.

This model allows you to build a trusting relationship with your personal pilot

as a friend in the cockpit

rather than flying with a stranger each time you travel as you may with chartering a flight.

Armada Wings and Partners are 

not a charter operator.

Charter operators provide a single-use on-demand package provided at a hefty price tag.

Our model is designed for the traveler who

has known, on-going travel needs.

With more travel, comes greater travel efficiency.




Aircraft Access



 "Armada Wings"


is a Division of "Armada Productions"

which has partnered with professional aircraft management companies

to provide a simple, flexible private

aircraft access solution for our clients.


We provide programs that let you control exactly when and where you fly,

working on your schedule to save you time and money, making flying enjoyable and private aviation affordable again.

Armada Wings and its Partners 

Are Not Charter Service Providers


Efficient Travel


Each aircraft type was designed for a specific mission in mind –

Some go fast, some go far,

some carry more passengers,

some burn more fuel and some less.  

Our Partners have chosen a few select aircraft types in high demand due to their

safety record, modern design,

and high efficiency,

covering the most ground

on the lowest cost per mile.

Owning an aircraft

locks you into one aircraft type.

Our Solution;

A variety of aircraft to choose from, based on on how much space you need

and where your travels will take you. 

From there, the plane is yours!

 And we’ll be standing by. 

Contact us and we will help determine which of our dry-leases fit your

schedule and budget.

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