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As he grew in his experience, Curtis met and developed relationships with several, credible production companies, producers, and crew in the industry. 

It didn't take long for others to recognize Curtis' involvement and begin referring new clients.

After several successful referrals, Curtis decided to start his own production company in order to streamline the process of providing support for his new friends. 

As a result, Armada Productions was created.


"We have invested heavily in what we call, 'Relationship Equity'", says Curtis.

"Because of the relationships developed over the years, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients with virtually any production need.

And, since we have these relationships in many aspects of production, we can help streamline  production processes and collaborate together with all parties involved.

This helps save our clients time, effort and money!"


Founded by Curtis Retherford, "Armada Productions" brings together a Fleet of professionals in the production industry.

Curtis has 20+ years of retail management and supervisor experience as well as over6 years of Audio, Video, and  Film  experience.

He decided to leave the retail industry and follow his dreams of flying airplanes and working in film.

He has since been involved in several short films, documentaries, and corporate video productions. Some of these projects have been seen on The Discovery Chanel, CBS, and included in international and national film festivals.

Curtis has also worked on many live event and festival projects providing Audio, Video technology support. These include events participating in Austin's famous SXSW festivals, corporate sponsored events, and live concerts.

Whether you need a  small projector and  screen , a camera and crew,  or a very large, multifaceted production, we will bring you the "Armada of Professionals".

Our goal is to create a "one stop shop" platform for our clients to receive the best support for all their production needs.

We have developed a unique culture, loved by our clients and our crew, offering years of experience in specialized production services:

  • Film/Media Production

  • Event Systems Technology (AV)

  • Booking Entertainment 

  • Photography

  • Event Furniture

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